Will Schmierer WordPress DesignerAs a Web Designer and WordPress Developer based out of Williamsburg, Virginia, I take pride in wearing many hats. It’s an obligation and responsibility of any true Renaissance Man. Here below you’ll find a glimpse of some of the services I offer and “hats” that I wear on a day to day basis! You can also Find Our more about me Here on my New

I have a true passion for creating engaging sites that are not only aesthetic, but functional in several capacities. I believe in the future of the web and creating great User Experiences. A website may be beautiful, but unless it can be found and achieve realistic goals, it’s pretty much useless. That’s why all my sites are strategically optimized for speed and performance as well at the major search engines and battling Google Hummingbird.

I write, design and maintain this site and it’s constantly in a state of Flux. If it doesn’t look perfect it’s likely that I’m working on something at any given time(I’m constantly learning and tweaking!). My Wife hates me sometimes, but I use almost all my spare time learning new programming languages, tools or techniques. This site is my experimental playground, blog and secret hide-a-way; it’s a place where I test out new ideas, styles and theories. It is also intended to be a place that I hope you find engaging and exciting. I truly hope my personality transpires through these pages. My style has been honed through a mix of my architectural studies, world travel, comedy, and a passion and respect for excellence and the arts.

Personal Fun Facts that You might wanna read…or not:

  • In my spare time I like to do a lot of different things, however the majority of my time is spent on the web, looking for new techniques, developing them and then fixing them when they break(I’m sure other designers know the feeling).
  • I used to be a competitive eater (MLE), but I haven’t competed for about two years now.
  • My wife is deaf and I now know American Sign Language
  • I use multiple computers and screens
  • I love club music, it’s a New Jersey and Miami Thing
  • I’m originally from New Jersey, I didn’t go to the Shore I grew up there!
  • Tattoos aren’t evil, that’s old school thinking….it’s kinda like Web Design with Tables
  • Twitter is now my favorite social media weapon, I’m bored with Facebook
  • I prefer iPhones over androids
  • I’m 6′-8″ and the best part is seeing peoples scared faces when I walk by them; its hysterical
  • Taking photos of life’s stupid moments or hilariously stupid things is the only reason for a camera phone
  • Black is my favorite color, although I bleed orange and green because I went to the []_[]
The University of Miami-FL

The University of Miami Campus