There are lots of things people are afraid of in life and in business. Today, I’m specifically talking about business. It’s never been my strong suit to be perfectly honest, but that’s changing, because I’m choosing to be happy. I’ve worked with a lot of clients and on a lot of projects over the last several year; the majority have been tremendous expereiences. However once in awhile for a variety of reasons I’ve been involved with projects that are less than fun(to put it nicely). Sometimes this was because I was working for someone else, or I personally didn’t go with my gut and my initial instincts, but learning the hard way isn’t so bad sometimes.

So what is one to do when things begin to go South? Well that’s a little different for everyone depending on personality and tendencies. I can only speak from personal experience, so what I do is take a break from the task/problem/project in question. Once I’ve cooled off from my initial reaction, I carefully think about what needs to be done and how we can address the matter. Again this is always depends on if you’re working for yourself or working for someone else and what’s actually in the contract and/or terms of service.

The bottom line is to trust your gut, I can’t stress this enough. If it doesn’t feel right or you’re simply getting a vibe that something is wrong, then it’s likely  the case. If you try to please everyone for your entire career, you’ll burn out eventually because that’s simply impossible. If a client/friend/coworker etc is pushing the project to the limits, don’t be afraid to fire them. Design is a job, and not an easy one. It’s important to remember that the best work is done when people are happy and satisfied, and if you’ve got “one of those clients,” step back, take a deep breath. If necessary take what may seem like a bold move and “Fire The Client.” It’s likely you and your business will both be better off and down the road, and that client may even thank you in the long run!

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