From Start-Ups to established businesses, doing business online is a constantly growing and ever changing platform. There are 100’s if not 1,000’s of details to think and go over. It’s a very meticulous and arduous process whether your just beginning or looking to make a change. The most important part of doing business online is getting the right advice from designers and developers with proven track records. That being said, I specialize in the WordPress Platform for eCommerce website design.

When it comes to E-commerce, the design is not in the overall look, as much as it’s in the details of color choices and ease of use for the consumer and end user whom is shopping. The harder or more challenging things are for the typical online shopper, the less likely a successful sale is made. Everyone involved in a project for eCommmerce has to be able to put personal opinions to the side, and be willing to put research and time into what makes the most sense for conversions; without that, doing business online may be short lived.

So as the Designer/Developer and Client make certain choices, there is a real careful thought process happening, and it involves concessions and understanding by both parties. It’s also the direct reason behind higher costs for development, and paying for what you get is quickly learned in this sector. A quick Google search will prove the horror stories and frustrations that can occur. In the real world, we offer second and third chances, but on the web, it’s even harder to get the second chance, so first impressions are so very important.