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Ever wondered the right way to Enqueue a Script for your WordPress Website? Naturally if you go to GitHub you’ll see lots of examples, however if you don’t think of that and start Googling for answers, it can be a long road to nowhere! There are some examples on how to do it but I think putting it in your functions.php file is the best way to go to keep things organized.

This technique works just the same if you’re developing sites using the Genesis Framework as well, and again is a little more organized for me than just dropping the script from Typekit into the Genesis Header Script Section of the Theme Settings. Although full disclosure, I use that for Google Analytics and I don’t like having more than one script there because I’m a bit of a nut about those types of details! It’s just a matter of preference and both options work equally well.

Just drop the code below in your functions.php file and you’re good to go. Just make sure to replace the xxxxxx with your unique Typekit Id. Also make sure you’ve added your site(s) and local development area to the kit settings as well. I’ve definitely forgotten that more times than I’d care to admit!

If you’re worried about FOUT there are some really useful articles and resources that can help you through that as well on the Typekit Blog and at the CSS-Tricks Lodge(awesome learning resource).

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