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Last week I was playing around on CodePen just browsing some of the really awesome front-end development work. Unfortunately I didn’t bookmark the exact pen that I was looking at, but I noticed in the css a link to an image hosted on another domain. As usual, I was intrigued to see check out where the image was pulling from just to see what was up.

What I wound up coming across in some random Pen on CodePen was an amazing new resource I hadn’t heard of before. To be honest, I spend a fair amount of time on Twitter, so I was really surprised I’d never come across it before.

So what’s the site you ask? It’s Public Domain Archive, a collection of 100% free stock images. Not only are these images free to use, but they’re of the highest quality(even on WPEngine it can take a minutes or two to load). They have fairly strict submission guidelines and sounds like they do not except everyone that wants to contribute. Normally I’d find that odd, but they really do want to create a high quality resource from the looks of it.

I think this is a really great solution for small businesses and people who blog frequently. There are a number of excellent stock images on the web these days, light years better than even a couple years ago. This is a really nice solution if the images work for your company, brand or blog. If nothing else, it’s nice and refreshing alternative to use occasionally. Hopefully other people come across it, contribute and it grows and thrives overtime.

Kuddos to the creators, looks awesome!

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  1. says

    Will, I stumbled across your site and noticed that you wrote about my site Public Domain Archive. Thanks for your kind words. I’m glad that you have such nice things to say about our site. One reason that you’ve probably never heard of us is because we’ve only been around for about 3 months. But we have some big plans for the future and we have thousands upon thousands of images that we will be adding to the site over this next year and we’re adding them weekly. Thanks for the write up and stay in touch!


    • Will Schmierer says

      Hey Matt,

      Thanks for stopping by, I think the site is an awesome idea and I’m happy to help promote it any way I can. Keep up the awesome work and I’ll definitely continue to spread the word of Public Domain Archive. Thanks again!


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