A Google Search on Logos and Logo Design will lead you in a million different directions. At the core of any great business is a great logo. Make no bones about it, Logo’s are important and the work and thought put into can be endless. What’s important about the logo design process is choosing a designer with a vast skill set, a significant knowledge of target audiences, and a true understanding of brands and their cultures.

For me personally, I’ve been fortunate enough to study around the globe. I’ve lived and traveled many places, and I’ve seen up close and personal some of the most revered works of art and architecture around the world. My studies at University of Miami’s School of Architecture taught me to appreciate and understand details and nuances to levels many just don’t see as important, if they see them at all.

I take my passion and knowledge and put them to the test when I go through the rigorous process of brand and logo development. In my professional career both as an Architect and Web Developer, a great logo usually comes through when both the client and myself are involved in the process. If a logo is something you take lightly, then there are hundreds of thousands of designers on the web you can hire. However, if your serious about bringing your vision for your brand or company to light in a way that is hard to match and understand the long term value in serious logo design, I am without a doubt one of the best and most entertaining designers you’ll find in Virginia and up and down the East Coast.