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Two years ago, I said I needed to build a site that would last two years. While ambitious, I actually was able to stick with that. Mostly because it's been a busy couple years, but believe me, it was … [Read more...]

My Thoughts on WordPress during 2012 and some Highlights! As the year winds down, fall is already in your backyard(or quickly approaching) and the Holiday season right around the corner, I figured no … [Read more...]

Redesign of Will Schmierer [dot] com Aside from getting married this year, a lot of things have been happening. It's now October which mean this site has gotten yet another makeover since it's last … [Read more...]

If you know anything about WordPress or care at all about the Platform, then you probably already know WordPress 3.4 is about to be released. I've been testing and reporting bugs for the last couple … [Read more...]

Every single day both in and out of the office, I constantly hear why does a website cost so much money? My all time favorite is "Oh I saw on a commercial for GoDaddy you can build your own for … [Read more...]

Web Design is one of the fastest growing design and business mediums today. Each day thousands of people begin their newest business venture and start the process of doing research for local designers … [Read more...]

Designers and Developers are constantly debating what is the best way to build a Website and What is the best platform to do it on? The truth is every project is unique. I know that sounds silly, but … [Read more...]